It all began after a quiet lunch and cleaning the dining table. My peripheral vision caught the dirt on the floor crying to be vacuumed. As I was doing the floor I could not ignore the bathroom. While scrubbing the toilet floor I remembered that I had to do the laundry and pretty much once I open the wardrobe I realized that I have not worn some of them in the past 5 years — a couple since medical school which I kept for sentimental value. But since I am no longer a sentimental guy, I put them in a big plastic bag. There is a donation bin at the hospital.

I then proceeded to wipe the shelve and found this book I bought many years ago. The title is “Goodbye, things” written by a Japanese man named Fumio Sasaki. It’s about the beauty of being a minimalist in which we live more by owning less. 

By the end of the week, I had five trash bags containing things which I can’t recall by now. And that is just the beginning. Decluttering is not a destination but a journey — so if I were to remove one item each day I bet I will have a lot of empty space by year end. 

So, what do you think of minimalism? Would you be interested in taking that step and reclaim your life from the world of consumerism, owning unnecessary item in life and having that peace of mind instead of a piece of furniture.

Fumio Sasaki in his 20 square meter (212 SQ feet) apartment.

9 thoughts on “Minimalist

  1. I became a minimalist since 2015. It was at first difficult for a sentimental person like me. But once I filled up the first black plastic bag and handed those good and hardly worn baju kurung to Rumah Pengasih (and did not feel bad about it), the subsequent decluttering became much easier.

    And oh, this applies to human relationship as well 😅. If they clutter my mind with negativity, bye bye!


  2. Taking my baby steps to declutter; lazy me. Started to have this idea of minimalism living after reading an article posted by you few years ago. And then another idea came from reading Dr Noor Hayati’s book on minimalism. Had donated begs of clothes, now boxes of unknowns😅. Btw, where can i find this donation box in IJN?n what items are those for?TQ


  3. I wholeheartedly agree. I have become a minimalist as well. Too many junks accumulated over the years, due to the sentimental value they carry. Decluttering indeed gives that peace of mind. However I wish I could do the same for my parents. Too many furniture, obstructing airflow. Not a good fengshui to begin with.


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